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ASASS was established in June 1998 and offers thirty years experience in the conduct of Search Assignments across a wide range of general and senior management disciplines in sales, marketing, credit management, operations, support and technology within the financial services and B2B services industries. Our expertise has developed particularly in the identification of individuals for start-ups or re-organisations and the subsequent culture development and change processes.

Specifically we have had extensive experience in UK mortgage lending since 1987 both in prime and sub-prime markets. Although our main business service is Search we, after gaining the trust of Clients and in order to maintain continuity, have provided a consultancy service to manage the hiring of large volumes of people into processing and/or administration functions.

The recovery of the UK mortgage market is ongoing but is a slow process and we do continue to work with some the more established prime lenders whilst continuing to monitor the market and talk to a wide range of lending businesses as well as intermediaries, brokers, ratings agencies, investment banks, retail banks, consumer finance houses, life insurance companies, commercial insurance brokers, re-insurance companies and investment managers. 

We  also worked extensively from May 2000 to April 2009 with CPA Global the market leader in legal process outsourcing solutions and intellectual property asset management and servicing and have subsequently worked on a number of broader BPO requirements as well as with one of the leading global informaion services providers