Terms & Conditions of Business

1. These terms and conditions of business are between A. Steele Associates and the Employer Client and are deemed to be agreed by the Client by written or oral acceptance of our Proposal or by virtue of an interview or engagement of a candidate introduced through our auspices.

2. Retained Assignment fees are payable immediately upon presentation with retainer invoiced at commencement and the completion fee upon successful completion i.e. written offer and written acceptance thereof.

3. Contingency/Success Only completion fees will be invoiced at start date.

4. Introduction of a candidate by a Client to a third party resulting in employment of any nature shall render the Client liable for payment of fees.

5. Engagement of any candidate by a Client Company or third party up to and including 12 months after the initial introduction date shall render the Client liable for payment of fees.

6. In the event that the candidate leaves the employment of the Client, from the position to which they were originally appointed, within a six month period, we undertake to reactivate the assignment at no additional fee charge other than agreed expenses. This condition is dependent upon the completion fee having been paid within 14 days of receipt of invoice.

7. Should a hiring not be made from the original shortlist, we undertake to reactivate the process at no extra charge providing that the Assignment brief remained intact and that the intent to make a hiring remained.

8. If, for reasons beyond our control, we were unable to complete the Assignment, we would, in the following circumstances, seek reasonable cover for any business exposure.

a) If the Assignment brief changed to the extent that the original research became invalid, we would seek a stage fee to reflect the work needed to bring the Assignment back up to speed. In certain cases any such stage fee may be discounted from the completion fee

b) If the Client terminated the Assignment at any time prior to completion due to a change of plan, strategy, mind or the introduction of a third party candidate not interviewed by ourselves, we would reserve the right to charge a termination or exit fee that would reflect all fees and expenses incurred up to that time, plus at least 50% of any remaining proposed fees from that point to completion.

9. Fees payable to the Agent by the Client for consultancy, volume recruitment and team building exercises will be determined and confirmed in writing prior to the commencement of such an assignment and will be calculated on the basis of either a set monthly retainer, or a fee for each applicant introduced, or a combination of the two alternatives.